With a deep experience in developing complex and detailed software algorithms in many areas, CS-TECH focuses especially on GIS (Geographical Information Systems), simulation visualization, computer graphics and embedded systems..



Unlike many other software development companies, CS-TECH has great experience in developing graphic interfaces. It is able to develop Qt and QML applications regardless of platform and operating systems..


Real-time Operating Systems

Thanks to the projects we have completed in the aviation industry we have been in for many years, we have control over real time operating systems. We can show safety critical software projects as the reason we work intensively with real-time operating systems..

MicroPilot Announces availability of DO178 certifiable RPAS Autopilot (CNW Group/MicroPilot)

Safety Critical Systems (DO-178)

CS-TECH is specialized in safety critical software development with a solid software development framework so as to satisfy DO-178 certification requirements..


Computer Graphics

CS-TECH has senior staff with computer graphics competence at doctoral level. It took part in projects such as 3D game engine construction, land vehicles training simulators, and various graphics works in aviation.