What is CSGIS Framework?

CsGIS Framework is a software development tool that enables high-performance visualization of geographic data. Designed for use in embedded and real-time systems, it can be used easily in different hardware systems as well as in lower hardware profiles. 

This product is object-oriented and designed for software developers who develops in the way of class library. Plug-in based software architecture is used. In this way; actions such as adding, property changing, etc. do not require any changes in the source code. Thanks to the adaptable infrastructure, it is easy to produce larger systems by using new plug-ins. 


CSGIS Framework Packages

Basic Package: This package allows you to read map (Geo TIFF, JPEG2000, PNG, CADRG etc.), altitude (DTED, DEM) and vector (ESRI Shape, MapInfo) data in different formats; make queries and filters on vector data; work on different coordinate systems; make projection and datum conversions and basic map library capabilities.

2D Visualization Package: This package provides the visualization of geographic information system data as 2D bird’s eye view.

Advanced Label Package: This package allows simplification, dynamic positioning of the text displayed on the map and animations on the labels.

Land Analysis Package: This package provides visibility (LOS) analysis, view shed analysis, and height above terrain analysis and terrain profile representations.

Military Coordinate Systems Package: This package includes UTM, MGRS coordinate transformations and representations.

Free Drawing Package: This package includes the ability to create and update different geometries (lines, polygons, circles, arcs, ellipses) on the map.

Military Symbology Package: This package enables the display of MIL-STD-2525B and APP-6A military symbology.

Qt Package: This package allows the visualization packages and the terrain profile to be displayed in the QT windows in the embedded map software development kit.

Overlay Package: This package includes simple user interface components such as menus, buttons, list windows, as well as information windows such as compass, view scale label, scale ruler, grid and legend displays.

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