Software & System Testing

Functional test

We carry out tests to ensure that the functionality of the product meets the requirements and aims to improve.

Module Test

We conduct module tests to ensure that a product’s module is performing well

User Interface Test

We test if all design elements, widgets, buttons and similar icons respond to user inputs.

Integration Test

We conduct integration tests to ensure that all systems of the developed application are working properly and can interact successfully with each other.

System Test

Within the scope of the domain information we have, we test the fully integrated systems while interfacing with other software products. Thanks to our experienced team, we make sure that the software can run steadily and efficiently.

Performance Test

Performance is of great importance, especially in embedded applications. Together with our experienced team, we carry out tests to check the speed, stability and scalability of the application.

Configuration Test

We carry out tests to see that the product can work at the same performance in many different settings.

Acceptance tests

We check the product and provide test result reports. Thus, we provide documents to software developers before possible changes.

Cross-Platform Testing

We conduct tests to make sure that the software developed works at the same performance across platforms.


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