RTOS (Real-time Operating Systems)

Thanks to the projects we have completed in the aviation industry we have been in for many years, we have control over real time operating systems. We can show safety critical software projects as the reason we work intensively with real-time operating systems. So much so that with the aviation standard DO-178, the safety critical software development methodologies that have entered our lives have provided lead up to successfully overcome the most difficult embedded software projects.

Apart from aviation projects, we have also been involved in electronic warfare projects that require continuous synchronization, such as high-performance beam algorithms, where radar field information is used extensively, and that must operate at minimum margin of error.

As a result of all these projects, we have experience in real-time operating systems such as Windriver VxWorks and GreenHills Integrity.

No matter what difficulty a software development project you have, we will be happy to assist you with your software with real-time performances and low overheads.


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