CS-TECH is specialized in safety critical software development with a solid software development framework so as to satisfy DO-178 certification requirements. Our software development framework handles software life cycle issues to minimize common mistakes and maximize reuse/automation in certification process. This solid framework is used for developing all our products and projects.

Today, with the increase of aviation projects, the need for safety critical projects has also reached high levels. Safety critical projects are projects that need to be constructed well by their nature and can be managed with agile methods. Aviation giants are using outsourcing in order to raise awareness and introduce the concept of safety criticality with more companies.

DO-178 works consist of some steps such as design, development, testing, review, and structural coverage. As CS TECH, we have system engineers, software engineers and test engineers who can carry out all these activities. The fact that our teams consist of independent staff makes us a turnkey solution company for all steps from planning to development and verification.


  • Creation of Planning Documents (or re-use)
  • Development Process (design, building requirements and coding)
  • Target Integration
  • Requirement Verification
  • Independent Software Verification
  • Test Automation
  • Software Tools Development & Qualification
  • Delivery of Certification Documents [Software Conformity Report (SCR) and Software Accomplishment Summary (SAS) included]
  • Documentation for SOI 1-4
  • Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

Is Outsourcing Logical for DO-178?


In order to successfully complete DO-178 Projects, the teams that do the job must comply with the sets of responsibilities. Outsourcing makes sense when you use an experienced team who has worked for many years in such projects. Avionic systems emerge by using many basic competencies together. While the production of these difficult systems is difficult enough, the additional burden of DO-178 standard causes inefficiency. When you use a talented company as outsourcing, you will prevent incomplete interpretation of processes and standards, and you will face less quality problems in development and verification activities.
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